Project Salient Features

Project Location Bharapa, Nagin and Phidim VDCs
Name of the River Hewa Khola / Pheme Khola
Type of Scheme Run-of-River
Installed Capacity 21,600 KW
Annual Energy 116.261 GWh
Gross Head 175.50 m
Net Head 170.95 m
Mean annual discharge 13.616 m3/s (Hewa) & 5.76 m3/s (Pheme)
Design Discharge 10.10 m3/s (Hewa) & 4.70 m3/s (Pheme)
Design Flood Discharge 1000 m3/s (Hewa) & 608 m3/s (Pheme)
Catchments Area 237.45 km2 (Hewa) & 110.30 km2 (Pheme)
Weir 40 m Concrete weir, Ogee Shaped (Hewa) & 26 m (Pheme)
Intake Structure Side Intake (3.00 m x 1.10 m) – Hewa, Side Intake (3.00 m x 1.00 m) – Pheme
Desanding Basin (L*B) 65 m x 12 m ( 2 nos) – Hewa, 60 m x 5 m (2 nos) – Pheme
Headrace Tunnel 1296 m – Hewa, 3,997 m – Pheme, 130 m – Adit
Surge Tank Restricted Orifice, 6m (D)X27.13m (H)
Penstock 2.4m to 2.6 m dia, 610m length
Power House Surface, 3×7.2 Francis Turbines, VOITH Hydro India
Tailrace Canal 3.0m(W) x 2.1m(D), 110m length
Switchyard Outdoor Type, 50m x 20m
Power Evacuation 132 KV Transmission Line of 3 km upto Jorsal Phidim Substation of Kabeli Corridor.

Project’s Development Status

Corporate Progress and Clearance Status of the Project:

Survey License:

  1. Survey already completed and Generation Lisence has already been obtained.

Generation License:

  1. License issued and approval obtained for 9500 KW dated 2070/04/17
  2. License amended and approval issued for 21600 KW dated 2070/12/27
  3. Valid Upto 2105/04/08

TL Survey License:

  1. For 132 KV, 21.6 MW
  2. Validity Upto 2073/04/05, Obtained Dated 2071/04/15
  3. IEE under progress,

Connection Agreement:

  1. Grid Connection Agreement signed dated 2070/12/06 with condition of “Dispatchable Energy” for 6.3 MW.
  2. 1st amendment made vide 690th NEA Board 2071/06/26 ( Letter received dated 2071/06/31), deleted provision of dispatchable energy for 6.3 MW and considered for “Take or Pay” for 21.6 MW.

Power Purchase Agreement:

  1. PPA signed dated 2071/04/09, for the total capacity of 21.6 MW with condition of “Dispatchable Energy i.e. Take and Pay Provision” for 6.3 MW.
  2. Amendment made for 21.6 MW vide NEA Board dated 2071/06/26, deleted provision of dispatchable energy for 6.3 MW and considered for “Take or Pay” for 21.6 MW.
  3. Teriffs: Dry Season @ NPR 4.8 per unit & Wet Season @ NPR 8.4 per unit, with annual escalation of 3% for 5 initial operational years.
  4. Excess Energy to be bought by NEA @50%of applicable tariff rate after issuing of Dispatch Instruction.

VDC, Local Community etc:

  1. Clearance from all VDCs ( Phidim, Nagin & Bharappa VDCs of Pachthar District ) and Local Communities thereof,

Forest Clearance:

  1. Clearance from all community forests of Phidim (Deurali Community Forest & Dada Community Forest) individually and jointly.
  2. Approval from the National Forest is already obtained.

IEE Study & Approval:

  1. Initial Environmental Examintion (IEE) for LHKHP with 9.5 MW had been completed and was approved by GoVN dated 2069/08/18.
  2. Supplementary IEE was completed for 21.6 MW and was approved by GoVN dated 2070/10/09.

Financing Arrangement

Loan financing is being done by a consortium of Nepalese Banks and the facility agreement signed dated 2072/03/31.

Supplementary Facility Agreement has also been signed for full credit facility at D:E Ratio of 70:30. Thus total project cost of NRS 3667.5 Million is financed by Debt of NRS. 2567.2 Million and Equity of NRS 1100.0 Million.

Consortium Banks are:

  1. Prime Commercial Bank Limited- Lead Bank
  2. Rastriya banijya Bank
  3. Hydro Investment & Development Co. Ltd
  4. Kailesh Bikas Bank Ltd
  5. International Dev. Bank Ltd
  6. Prabhu Bank Ltd
  7. Apex Dev. Bank Ltd
  8. Janata Bank Nepal Ltd
  9. Siddhartha Bank Ltd
  10. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd
  11. Mega Bank Ltd
  12. Century Commercial Bank Ltd

Key Terms of facility Agreement:

  1. Interest Rate- 10%, Subject to semi-annual revision as per prevailing market rate
  2. Construction Period- 3 Years & Loan Repayment- 12 Years excluding Construction Period
  3. Mortgage of All Property of Project
  4. Personal Guarantee Deed with Directors
  5. Prepayment Charge of 3% of Outstanding Loan
  6. IDC capitalization as per NRB Approval