Project Progress

Status of Contract Awards

All of the contracts related to construction of project have been awarded by in-depth analysis and scrutiny of competency of the contractors. The status of contracts is as follows:

Component Contract Status and Completion Date Contractor Contract Value (NRS Million) including VAT
Civil Contract AwardedDOC: April 2017 Himal Hydro 1776.5
EM Contract AwardedDOC: April 2017 VOITH Hydro 432.4
HM Contract ( Gates) AwardedDOC: April 2017 RK Hydro 126.9
HM Contract ( Pipes) Awarded and Completed Changsha Jetsun Co. Ltd, China 55.0
Explosives AwardedDOC: April 2017 Ekikrit Bypar Co. 145.5
Transmission Line AwardedDOC: April 2017 Cosmic Electricals 40.5
Contract Supervision AwardedDOC: April 2017 Angel Engineering 43.9

LC Establishments

All of the contractors are fully mobilized at construction site and the company has established LC for import of equipments and materials for construction in progress. Summary of LC established by company is:

Component Supplier LC Value Status
EM Contract VOITH HydroIndia INR 244150000.00 Under Progress
HM Contract- Pipes Changsha JetsunChina USD 357827.73 Completed
HM Contract-Fittings Changsha JetsunChina USD 151246.40 Shipment Made
HM Contract-Steel Jindal SteelsIndia INR 5420970.00 Shipment Made
HM Contract-Valves Leader ValvesIndia INR 2973010.00 Under Progress

Approx. TOTAL: NRS 459.0 Million

Land Acquisition Status

It has been estimated that the the project shall require about 260 Ropanis of Land. As of now, the land arrangement status is as follows:

  1. Land already acquired in the name of company: (70-05-01-02) Ropanies
  2. Land already acquired in the name of Subsidiary: (60-11-01-01) Ropanies

(Out of this total land, 46-5-1-0 has already been mortgaged in the name of banks and total plot of 14-6-0-1 has not yet been mortgaged since the land has not completely been transferred into company as one of joint owner is out of country )

  1. Ailani Land already acquired vide Land Agreements: 128 Ropanies
  2. Land Required to be compensated to the National Forest has already been done: 16 Ropanies
  3. Land agreements done and advance being made, yet to be transferred in the name of company: 16 Ropanies
  4. Land Yet to be arranged (Penstock & TL Alignment area ): 4 to 6 Ropanies

Thus, land acquisition status has been satisfactorily completed. The acquired land shall be enough for Intake areas, Power house area, camp and office areas, storage area and bunkers and all required arrangements for the project.

Access Road

The project is in proximity of Phidim with the black topped road. It has been estimated that the total of 9 Km road is required to be constructed to reach upto all working fronts of the project. As of now, the company has already constructed the required access road to reach upto all of the working fronts. The constructed access road is in the process of gravelling. The excavated mocking of the tunnel is utilized in gravelling of the access road. The access road is comfortably designed for access of all kind of heavy equipments. All internal roads linking to various working fronts have already been constructed.

Construction Power Arrangement

The project has been using construction power from NEA. The arrangement for construction power has already been made. Construction power transmission line of 11 KV has already been connected to the project site. The required meters from NEA has already been obtained and installed at all required working fronts. Powers back up generators have also been provisioned for, in case of emergencies.

Drawings & Designs and Construction Supervision

The company had awarded a consultancy service as regards drawing and design and Construction Supervision to M/s Angel Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and has already obtained final drawing and designs of most of the project components. Any of the drawings as required during the construction phase has been provided as & when required on as construction goes basis.

Civil Construction

The company has already awarded a civil construction contract to M/s Himal Hydro and General Construction Limited, after a comprehensive evaluation of tenders from various contractors. The contractor is a leading contractor of Nepal engaged in the hydro construction having a wide range of expertise serving key public and private sector clients in the field of Hydro power, Tunneling, Transmission line, Ropeways, Water & Wastewater Management, Road, Bridges and General Construction since 1978.

Himal Hydro has a sharehoding of GoN, United Mission to Nepal and Nepal Jalbidhyut Prabardhan Tatha Bikas limited. The company has successfully completed Mai Hydro ( 22 MW ), Bhairabkunda (3 MW ), Andhikhola Upgradation ( 9.4 MW), Tila1 & Tila2 ( Drifting & Core Drilling ), Middle Bhotekoshi (102 MW – Test Adit ), Babai Irrigation, Upper Bhotekoshi 132 kV TL, Khimti Dhalkebar 220KV TL, Khimti Hydro (60 MW), Modikhola, Upper Seti (127 MW), Upper Tamakoshi HEP etc.

Himal Hydro and General Construction has construction experiences of more than 3 decades and have committed to complete the contract works by the cut off date. The company has been utilizing its full effort of its expertise and shall mobilize its expert Manpower and Machines to complete the project at estipulated time frame.

The contract has been awarded with a cut off date of completion of civil contract by 15th Chaitra 2073 ( April 2017 )

The contractor’s technical strength and expertize has been found to be more supportive on timely completion of the project. Himal Hydro has now been managed by a sound team of management, having an active involvement of CG Energy Infrastructure and Coastal Projects-India having their major shareholding in the company.

Major Achievements in Civil Construction:

Total Contract Amount: NRS 1776.50 Million

Total Civil Works Billed: NRS 1282.90 Million

Percentage Work Done: 21% of Total Contract

Total Tunnel (Headrace+ Adit): 4580m+Completed (85% of 5423m)

Total faces in Tunnel: 6 Faces (face 1-2: 1298m breakthrough )

Fronts Mobilized: Hewa/ Pheme Headworks, Tunnel, PH

Electromechanical Works

The company has already awarded the Electromechanical works ( All package of Water to Wire) to VOITH Hydro Pvt. Ltd, India. The LC has already been established for the EM Supplies and 30% of Advance Payment has already been done to VOITH Hydro.

The Progress of EM contractor till date is:

  1. The project manager for our project has already been appointed.
  2. The engineering drawings of power house overall layout, embedded earthing layout, first stage embedment foundation load, and single line diagram have already been finalized and submitted,
  3. Ordering of Runner blade casting/forgings, Powerhouse EOT Crane and Generator has already been done. And Generator is ready for factory inspection.
  4. Laying of Earth mat in the powerhouse foundation has been completed.
  5. Supply of Embeded parts on powerhouse is underway.
  6. Designing and engineering of the Electro-mechanical equipments have been going on and is in regular correspondences.

Hydromechanical Works

The company has already awarded the contract to RK Hydro Engineering and Associates Pvt. Ltd for the hydromechanical works (Gates, Stoplogs etc ). RK Hydro Engineering is a reputed company engaged in the hydropower construction projects in Nepal as well as in India.

The company has already mobilized its Machines, Manpower and has already established its Camps and Workshop at the project site. The contractor has carried out its work at the site in coordination with the civil contractor.

Summary of HM Contract and IPCs:

HM Contract Amount: NRS. 11,23,19,268.75 (Excluding VAT)

IPC Value Submitted ( Upto IPC 2): NRS. 82,36,903.75 ( i.e. 7.33% ), ( Excluding VAT )

Further, the company has already selected the supplier of Pipes from China. In this supplies of pipes being done from China, the progress of work shall be speeded up in case of procurement of Readymade Pipes and the quality can also be assured of. And the readymade pipes supplied from China, shall be erected by the HM Contractor of Nepal. Till date the progress of HM Works is as follows:

  1. SSAW Pipes of 627.77 TON for USD 357,828 which has already been delivered from China.
  2. HM Fittings & Equipments ( i.e. Expansion Joints, Reducers, Bends, Branch Pipes etc ) of approx. 155 Ton for USD 156,246 has been delivered from China.
  3. The company is able to make procurement of Penstock Pipes and Fittings with a high quality/ standard from China at the lowest cost ( At Average of NRS 70/Kg CIF ), which might be the best one offer in Nepalese hydro construction scenario. Looking into the hydro construction scenario, where developers have spent in average of Nearly NRS 200/kg, Our management has carefully & successfully awarded the contract of supply and is fully committed to construct the project within the budgeted cost.
  4. Company has imported Steel Plates, Channels and beams for Hydromechanical works from Jindal Steel India, Which is used for manufacturing of gates etc at site.
  5. The company has established LC for supply of Gate Valves from Leader Valves India.

Power Evacuation

Grid connection agreement for 132 kV interconnection to Phidim 132 kV substation (Underconstruction) has already been signed with Grid Operation Department of NEA. The total length of transmission line will be approximately 3 km. Survey lisence for the transmission line has already been obtained and IEE of the transmission line has been in progress. Along with IEE, Survey of the transmission line is all set to be carried out.

The contract has been awarded to Cosmic Engineering for Survey, Design, and Construction of 132 KV Transmission Line of the project for 3km distance from our projects powerhouse to Phidim Substation.

The Phidim substation is the component of Kabeli Cirridor, which is already completed. As of now, there is no Transmission line from Phidim substation to Godak substation in the same line but it came to our knowledge that the contractor has mobilized for the construction work between these two substations, which is a sole responsibility of NEA. Kabeli Corridor shall, without any doubt, be commissioned prior to completion of our project.

Explosives and Bunkers

The company has already awarded a contract for arrangement and management of explosives required for the project to M/s Akikrit Byapar Company, which is the only one pioneer & leading company in arrangement and supply of explosives in the hydro projects of Nepal. All required approvals from the governing authorities have already been obtained.

Construction of Army Post at the project location has already been completed and the army camp has already been set up at the project site, accommodating for about 40 Army personnels.

Bunker ( for storage of explosives ) has already been constructed and is under security of army personnel.

Explosives have been imported from India, the payments been made through letter of credit for 4 lot of explosives ( Approx. 200 Ton explosive and other accessories of explosives) required for the project, by Prime Bank Limited.