About the Company

Mountain Hydro Nepal Limited is a limited company registered under the Company Act of Nepal established with an objective of promoting hydropower projects in Nepal. The company has been licensed for construction, operation and generation of 22.1 MW Hydropower project from the lower hewakhola situated at Panchthar District.

The company has completed all required works to be done from the government and governing authorities, which has briefly been summarized hereunder:

Corporate Registrations ( As a Private Limited Company )
Date of Registration as a Pvt. Co. 2062/03/28/03
Registration No 35169/061/062 dated 2070/1/24
Date of Registration as a Ltd. Co. 2073/02/32
DoED Registration: 1922/341/069/70
PAN: 302017157
Authorized Capital: NRS 1250.0 Million
Paid Up Capital: NRS 1250000000.00
Capital at DoED: NRS 3611.7 Million with capacity of 22.1 MW

The company was converted into Public Limited Company vide special general meeting of the company with unanimous consensus of the shareholders.


Sitaram Timalsina

Executive Chairman

The company has been headed by Mr. Sitaram Timalsina in a capacity of Executive Chairman. He is a reputed businessman of Kathmandu who have been into the business of Petrolium Products, Gas Stations, Gas Plants, Invested into Hospitals and Medical Colleges and hydro projects in Nepal.

Satish Timalsina

Managing Director

Mr.Satish Timalsina is a promoter as well as Managing Director of the company and he is actively engaged in the project leading and managing from the beginning. He is also engaged in other hydro projects in Nepal and has been into the business of Gas Stations ,Gas Plants and Invested into Hospitals and medical colleges.

Kamal Kumar Bharati

Public Director

Mr. Kamal Kumar Bharati is an elected director from the public shareholders of the company who is renowned lawyer from Kathmandu.

Prahlad Timalsina


Mr. Prahlad Timalsina is an elected director from the public shareholders of the company who is renowned businessman from Kathmandu. He is also involved in other hydro projects and has beenĀ  in the petroleum business, gas stations and gas plants and invested in medical colleges.